Despite the apparent grip that Allopathic medicine and treatments currently have on America today, tomorrow is just hours away, even at the door. 21st century research on human health and healing is being led by scores of Medical Doctors in physical medicine and scores of Medical Doctors – Psychiatrist in mental health medicine. “The future of modern medicine is in the rediscovery of subtle energies of emotions, beliefs and spirit” wrote a prominent mind/body medical doctor and scientist.(Tom Stern, MD/ coauthor The Heart of Healing’. Across America volumes of books are streaming from research at major universities and related hospitals have become laboratories for utilizing and studying alternative healing approaches. The latest American Hospital Association (AHA) survey shows that 37% of responding hospitals indicated that they are using mind / body/spirit (Complimentary and Alternative Medicine) therapies. (AHA has 5,000 member hospitals) Their rationale for including CAM  included: 1) Patient demand; and 2) CAM sponsored research findings on CAM clinical effectiveness. Even local cancer hospitals now broadly advertise their current use of complimentary therapies. As an example, the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center at the Christiana Hospital in Newark, advertises its ‘Mind, Body and Spirit Wellness Multidisciplinary Center’ providing integrative health therapies which include meditation, biofeedback, hypnosis, yoga, imagery etc. Their program also includes the use of dietary supplements, vitamins and herbal products; manipulative and body-based practices and energy medicine. They have a meditation room, a well stocked healing library where patients can sign out healing literature, books, tapes and videos as well as other specialty areas for their wellness therapy programs. Most hospitals are moving in this direction (21st Century Mind, Body, Spirit complimentary Medicine). Another example is the back cover of the May/June issue of Addiction Professionals’ Magazine, a full page color ad and picture of one of the premiere Behavioral Health Private Treatment Centers in the US, advertising that they incorporate Modern Scientific Knowledge complimented by Eastern Healing Techniques in the Treatment of Addiction, Chronic Pain, Eating Disorders and Trauma.


The movement of complimentary medicine is being fueled by new research revelations in subtle energy and new stem cell possibilities.  With upgraded imaging technology science has entered new areas of learning about the deeper operations of the brain and the heart that point to the value of non-invasive healing therapies that prompt self care and self healing. Books such as Vibrational  Medicine (Richard Gerber, MD); Soul Medicine  (Norman Shealy, MD,Ph.D), The Promise of Energy Psychology, (John Diamond, MD), and hundreds of others all document their research that points to a new 21st  century medical paradigm. Supporting this shift in the healing arts will be a new group of young mental health professionals and para-professionals. It is my belief that more Universities should lead the way in preparing its student as 21st century healers, with knowledge and skill to help heal Urban America. The CST Academy is poised as a vehicle to help Higher Education institutions dedicated to healin Urban America achieve this goal and CST is a most powerful Alternative/Complimentary healing form that students can be taught and trained to use. The CST-Academy will be involved in 1) gathering spiritual and faith-based scientific research; and 2) producing quality scientific research to foster and promote the efficacy and efficiency of Spiritual Therapy.