The Clinical Jesus Book Review

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The Clinical Jesus
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                                              (MATTHEW 11:28)
(JOHN 14:6)


                                                  TABLE OF CONTENTS

                                                           SECTION 1

Chapte      Introduction                                                              11                                                          

Chapter 2        Modern Jesus Research Healing Conclusions                  23

Chapter 3        Setting the Scene: Social Political

                       and Cultural Background of Palestine                         31



Jesus, An Analysis of the New Testament Record

 of His Healing Ministry

Chapter 4        New Testament Perceptins of Jesus                              47

Chapter 5        Titles Ascribed to Jesus                                              51

Chapter 6        The Teacher of a Spiritual World View                          57

Chapter 7        Miracles, Exorcisms and Healing                                  65

Chapter 8        Jesus as Healer / Physician                                         75

SECTION 3       

Jesus, An Analysis of His Clinical Practice

Chapter 9        Student Interns                                                        81

Chapter 10       Spiritual Mind-Body Laws                                          93

Chapter 11       Healing Spiritual Interventions                                   111

Chapter 12       The Clients of Jesus                                                 119

Chapter 13       Methods of Assessment                                            135

Chapter 14       Methods of Diagnosis / Case Classification

                      and Selection of Treatment - Faith-based

                      Interventions                                                         155

Chapter 15        Treatment - A Case by Case Analysis                             169                                

Chapter 16        Spiritual Energy                                                     219

Chapter 17        Criticisms of Jesus                                                 231

Chapter 18        Epilogue                                                               243

                        Bibliography                                                        249

                        Notes                                                                 253

                        About the Author                                                  256



International Association

of Marriage & Family Counselors Journal


Book Title: The Clinical Jesus:  The Doctor Who Never Lost a Case

Author:       Dr. Rick McKinney

Publisher:   Sahara Publishing Company         

                   P.O. Box 12805

                   Wilmington, Delaware, 19850


Date of Publication:  2003

ISBN #:  0-9747636-0-8

Cost:       $24.95

No. of Pages:    256


Review Date:        June 4, 2004

Book Reviewer:    Mark L. Belas, Ph.D.

                              105 Crestwood Avenue

                              Palatka, Florida, 32177-6507


e-Mail Address:    marktrembelas@yahoo.com



 I was initially taken aback, when I read the title of this book.  True, my graduate degrees

 are  in Pastoral Counseling and Divinity, but as a book reviewer for the IAMFC I wondered if I

could review “The Clinical Jesus” fairly and from a clinical perspective.  I must admit

finding the title creative, yet feeling doubtful that the author could succeed in trying to 

compare the healing techniques of the Biblical Jesus to the techniques utilized by today’s

practitioners.  Upon completion of the book, I would have to say Dr. McKinney did his

homework and wrote a fascinating text, describing the “spiritual-based” healing techniques

used by Jesus, Who taught them to His Disciples (interns).


The book begins with a description of the social and political time of Jesus, citing many

authors and researchers to support his writing.  Utilizing graphs, images, and tables,

Dr. McKinney then presents 26 case narratives from the New Testament, describing

the interaction (healing) by Jesus of each person noted in the narrative.  Next, each case

is broken down by client name, diagnosis, faith assessment, treatment intervention, and

then the Biblical (New Testament) sources are cited. 


Dr. McKinney states his belief that Jesus was “systematic, consistent, and purposeful” in

His ministry of “healing, training students-disciples, teaching and preaching, and working

miracles”, to achieve a “Kingdom of G-D on earth”.  The author describes the clinical

training of the students (disciples) as including “classroom-type instruction, modeling 

healing technique and performing healing tasks, student observation, question and answer

sessions, clinical assignments, practicing internships, and internship feedback”. 

Dr. McKinney also explained four “mind-body healing laws” utilized by Jesus.They being:


1.      The power to heal must be equal to and greater than the power that afflicts,

2.      The law of consistency (i.e.: Human behavior is the product of thinking and 


3.      The law of forgiveness, and

4.      The law of truth (i.e.: Truth will set you free)


Using these four principles (among others), Dr. McKinney states that Jesus was able to

cure or heal medical abnormalities, psychosomatic illnesses, trauma, self-esteem issues,

psychiatric disorders, and other maladies.


Dr. McKinney feels medical and psychiatric research lends credence to his belief in 

spiritual-based therapy and that modern-day healers and practitioners should

incorporate Kingdom of G-D healing on earth, to “fulfill the prophesy of 

performing greater things”.


I highly recommend “The Clinical Jesus:  The Doctor Who Never Lost a Case”, 

to people of all faiths and in all areas of the healing arts, who would be interested

in learning a new approach to healing, which is actually 2000 years old.