The value of the Church as a equal partner with government and business in addressing social problems has been well documented, and  can not be duplicated by either government or business. Likewise, government and business both agree that the church's value is valid but only if the church develops certain expertise related to business accountability. Of course, no one has figured out how this type of equal relationship would be possible in the face of current relevant interpretations of  the 1st Amendment Establishment Clause of the US Constitution, known as "the separation of Church and State." 

One of the major goals of the REST Movement is to assist the church develop a position within the service community where the objections voiced against the rights of the Church to equal treatment under law become dimished or even silenced... by all means necessary.  The partnership of the Church and REST in providing community reentry services to Criminal Justice Populations is the first step in that direction. 

Overview of Relationship between I-REST Inc.

(Promise Land 21 LLC aka Pl21) RHHC

& RHHC Host Church

Relationships Description and Duties


I-REST Inc. (PL21), the ownership of REST Holistic Healing Centers (RHHC), the REST process and the faith-based intervention Cognitive Spiritual Therapy (CST), contracts with selected church groups/faith institutions to host one of its RHHC’s which provides counseling, mentoring and basic needs support services to troubled and in-trouble children, teens, men and women.  The selected host faith institution provides space and religious support i.e. religious education to clients of the center.


Science is demonstrating that formal religious services, rituals and teaching have been shown to have positive results in improved/increased life statistics for participating individuals.  (The host church providing of Religious Education is not dictated by the REST organization, nor is the Religious Education provided by the church subject to approval by the REST organization. Most clients have selected the REST Reentry Program being conducted at a particular church host, and as such, consent to receiving Religious Education from that host.  However REST does request of the Church to monthly verify to the REST Center on a monthly basis all the attendance of and the participation of the client in non-required religious education, which will be entered into each client’s record which is forwarded to the referring institution.


Client Population.


The REST client population is described as hurting Troubled or In-trouble men, women, children and teens. Troubled clients are individuals who have emotional or psychological problems and may be client referred by medical public or private organizations, hospitals or treatment programs. In-trouble individuals represents a population that is under the jurisdiction of public agencies such as the Criminal Justice System (courts, prisons, parole, probation, etc.); Human Services (Children and Family Services) or the School District.  (In some cases, mental health agencies and hospitals will be included for aftercare services for those in the Criminal Justice System.) The REST Center will make arrangements to receive referrals from these types of agencies. Please note that the host church has no jurisdiction, legal responsibility or liability for clients referred and accepted into the REST Center Program, except for property liability insurance. (The host church however, does have preference in referring troubled or in-troubled current church members, close relatives of current church members, or former church member.) The host church will not have access to any client records although some church members, trained and hired by REST as Counselors will have such access, but will be sworn not to share such information and trained per the confidentiality laws under which all REST staff are bound to uphold. Each client however, is free to divulge any personal information he/she chooses to disclose to.


Benefits to the Host Church.


No monies from the REST Center will be paid directly to the Host Church, avoiding any appearance of  violating any aspect of the 1st Amendment of the Constitution, the separation of Church and State Clause. This frees PL 21 from being barred from applying for grants and/or contracting with government agencies, if it chooses to do so. Monies for space, utilities or maintenance, will originate from non-government funds (private foundation, donations, and or funds raised by REST services and fund raising campaigns involving the public. These will be determined as an agreement between REST and the Host Church.  However the host church’s relationship with the REST program will also benefit the church financially by REST hiring church members who agree for a tithe (10%) gift to the host church from it’s REST program income, which represent new monies to the church. However, the greater benefits from an host association with REST is that of having its membership involving in personal healing and intense training for service as volunteers to the REST program. It is their training as volunteer mentors, tutors and basic service providers that the church has the opportunity to increase it church membership from among those in the REST Center’s program who interface with the church and its membership.



  Dr. Rick McKinney


Dr. Rick McKinney,

CEO – The REST Movement