Academic & Professional Resume

Dr. Rick McKinney

                                           35 Cardenti Ct  / Newark, De. 19702





Ed.D. - University of Miami, School of Education and Counseling Psy – 1978

M.Ed - Counseling - University of Miami, School of Ed and Counseling Psy  – 1974

CTh. - Certificate Systematic Theology – Andrew University & Theological Seminary  (Master Equiv) Ph.D. (ABD)

BA    - Sociology and Religion – Oakwood University, Huntsville, Ala


University Administrative Experience


1971-74 -  Vice President for Institutional Development, Oakwood University, Huntsville Ala

1977-78 -  Comptroller for 3 Federally Funded Programs – University of Miami, Fl

1979- 84 – Senior Manager / Business Services & Adjunct Professor – University of Miami, Fl

1984- 89 -  Director of the Virgin Islands Higher Education Project – Caribbean Campus of University of Miami, Fl


University Teaching Experience


University of Miami  (1976 – 1989)

Graduate School of  Counseling and Educational Psychology – Graduate Courses

Learning Theory

Group Dynamics


School of Communications – Undergraduate Courses

            Interpersonal Communications

            Non-Verbal Communications


Graduate School of Business – Undergrad & Graduate Courses / Bahamian Extension Project

            Motivational Theory


University of the Virgin Islands (1985-1987)

School of Business  -   Motivation Theory


National UniversityLas Vegas, NV(1989-90)

Graduate School of Education -  Seminar Course - Educating At-Risk-Populations


Graduate School of Business Course

             Motivation Theory


University of  NevadaLas Vegas (UNLV)  (1990-94)

Graduate School of Counseling – Courses

            Introduction to Drugs of Abuse

            Counseling Addicted Populations

Group Counseling Dynamics


Center for Addiction – Clark County Community College

2 Courses for State Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Abuse (BADA) Certificate and Licenses


Academic Education-Related  Research


Master’s Research – 1973 – “College Students & Religious Counseling on Major American Campuses”.


Doctoral Thesis – A Discriminate Function Analysis of 272  Philanthropic Personality Profiles - “Factors Among Select Donors and Non-Donors Related to Major Gifts To a Private University”, 1978  Dissertation - University of Miami, Fl. – ( First recorded US Scientific Study on Philanthropy Personality & Related Motivations ) Selected for presentation at Eastern Region Educational Research Conference - & American Education Association – Excerpt Published in AEA Regional Research Journal.


Overview Professional Employment & Clinical Experience

(1975 – 2010)


  • Substance Abuse Consultant – U.S. Office of Education (Region 4) & National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA).
  • Member & Consultant State of Florida Governors Cocaine Task Force – Florida
  • Founder & Executive Director – Virgin Islands Higher Education Project
  • Mental Health/Addiction Psychotherapist – Las Vegas Comprehensive Psychiatric Services
  • Clinical Director - Henderson Drug Treatment Agency- Boulder, NV
  • Clinical Director – West Care Inc; Las Vegas, NV. (National Drug & Alcohol Program)
  • Assistant Clinical Dir. Psy/CD- Lake Mead Hospital, Las Vegas, NV
  • National Clinical Dir. - St. Judes Ranch for Children, Las Vegas NV
  • Therapist/Counselor –-Juvenile Court Services, Clark Co. Nevada
  • Founder/Director T.R.E.T.MENT  Counseling Services
  • Founder of  R.E.S.T.  Counseling & Theory
  • Counseling Service Provider for Public Housing & Clark County School Districts
  • State of Nev. Parole & Probation – Therapy Services  –5 yr Federal Grant – HUD
  • Private Consultant for Forensic Issues - Federal Public Defenders Office – Nevada
  • Private Consultant for Forensic Issues – Clark County Public Defenders Ass. Las Vegas NV
  • Adjunct Prof. UNLV - Grad. School - Counseling/Substance Abuse
  • Adjunct Prof. - Center for Addiction - Clark County Com. College
  • Host & Producer,  Radio Broadcast - Drug Abuse Issues- “Crack-Down”
  • National Executive Director & Founder, TRETMENT Inc. - Faith Counseling Services
  • Founder and Executive Director- REST Philly Project; serving 7 prisons in Philadelphia Area.
  • REST Inc. / CEO, providing Health and Healing Services and Training to Faith-based Institutions
  • Executive Director/Founder CST Academy for Counselor Education, training, Interning & Certification


Therapy Related Courses, & University-based Training


*Andrews University - Berrien Springs Mich. - Course Work w/ Practicum
1964 - Marriage & Family Therapy & Family Assessment

1964 – Prison-based Pastoral Counseling Internship

*Masters Counseling Program / University of Miami

Including Class-room courses & Multiple Training Workshops - Credit & Certificates
1974 - Drug Education as Prevention
1974 - Group Therapy -
1974 - Treatment Planning
1974 - Rogerian Approach to Treatment & Humanistic Interventions
1974 - Edu-Therapy (Educational Groups)
1974- Individual Counseling Tools and Techniques
1974 - Multi-cultural Counseling and Sensitivity
1974 - DSM R Training
                                                Post Doctoral Certification and Training

1989 - American Hypnosis Training Academy, Silver Springs MD (60 hours) (Ericksonian)
Assessing Emotional Disorders
Individual Brief Psychotherapy Interventions
Relaxation Therapy
Introduction to Clinical Hypnosis
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Pain Management

1990 *State of Nevada - Workshop Training (University of Nevada – Reno /Counseling Department )
Identifying Drugs of Abuse by Category
Psycho-Social Assessment
Drug Abuse Assessment
Drug Abuse Treatment Planning
Drug Abuse Treatment Interventions
Discharge Planning

1991 -  Ericksonian Brief Psycho-therapy Center, San Diego, Cal
Depression Disorder Brief Psycho-therapy  (24 Hours)
& Anxiety Disorder Brief Psycho-Therapy (8 Hours)

1992 - University of Nevada, School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Science - "Identifying & Treating the Multiple Diagnosed Patient"  (32 Hours)
++ Biopsychosocial Models of Health, Illness & Addictions
++ Patient Screening Instruments & Techniques
++ Psychiatric Illness, Dependency & Health (combining treatment)
++ Perinatal Addiction & Women in Treatment
++ Adolescent Addiction & Related Health Issues
++ Principles of Treatment
++ Inpatient & Outpatient Management
++ Community Treatment, Community Resources and Interdisciplinary Networking
++ Evaluation: Post-Test Assessment & Participant Evaluations

1992 - Albert Ellis Center for REBT  (40 Hours)  Trainer –Dr Albert Ellis
Cognitive Behavior Therapy (Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy)
Mental Health Assessment - Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
Psychological Charting
Client Assessment and Cognitive approaches to treatment planning
Cognitive Treatment Interventions

1992 Institute for Personality and Ability Testing Certification (I-Pat) (16 Hours) Psycho-Metrics
*Personality and Clinical Disorder Testing – *Factor analysis of personality & mental health disorders.
*Mental Health & Personality Assessment - IPAT Inc (Certification -16 Hours) – Trainer -Dr Raymond Cattell

1993 - Forensic Issues and Anti-Social Behavior - Legal Issues, Counseling Liabilities, Ethics - University of Portland  (80 hours)

1994 - Multiple Approaches to Marriage & Family Therapy (16 hours)

1992-1996 - Lake Meade Hospital and Care Unit Hospital - On Job Training

a) Allied Mental Health Professional Staff (1992-95)
b) Asst Clinical Director Lake Meade Hospital(PT) (1995 - 96)
Hospital Charting
Hospital Protocol
Psychiatric Services Procedures
Triage & Medical Team Work
Patient Care - Rounds
Assessing Psychiatric & diagnostic charted notations for determining therapeutic interventions

1992 - Erickson Foundation - Phoenix Arizona (60 hrs) (Certification)
Advanced Pain Management
Advanced Relaxation Therapy
Advanced Brief Psychotherapy

Advanced Medical Hypnotherapy

American Counseling Association  (Certification)
2002 - Critical Traumatic Episodes (16 hrs)
2003 - Crisis & Trauma Counseling (16 hrs)
2004 - Mindfulness (8 hrs)

2007 - - American Association of Nutritional Therapy (100 Hours) (Certification) Health Psychology
Anatomy, Physiology, Human Biology Review
Nutritional Therapy Concepts, procedures
Food & Emotions
Assessment Techniques
Nutritional Planning
Nutritional Recommendations & Life Style Planning

POST DOCTORAL - Listing of Certification & Licensures

2007 – Certification – Nutritional Therapy 12 Month education & training program NTA Approved
2004 – Certification “Mindfullness” APA Appr
2003 - Certification in Crisis & Trauma – ACA Appr
2000 – Certification in Critical Traumatic Episodes – ACA Appr
1994 – Certification – Assoc for Marriage and Family - Multiple Approaches to Therapy – NAMFT Appr
1993 - Post Doctoral Studies – Forensic Psychology- University of Portland – APA Appr
1992 – Psychometrics -Certification -Institute for Personality and Ability Testing – APA approved
1992 - Certification in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy– APA Appr
1991 - Certification Brief Psychotherapy II & Relaxation Therapy/Medical Hypnotherapy – Advanced training - APA, AMA Appr
1991 - Certification in Depressive Disorders – APA Appr
1990 – CPR Training – American Red Cross – Nevada Appr
1990 – 1997 Certification & Licensing as Substance Abuse Counselor  (State of Nevada)
1990 -1997 -Certification & Licensing Substance Abuse Administrator (State of Nevada)
1975- Certification & Licensing Child Care Administrator – (State of Nevada)
1989 - Certification in Brief Psychotherapy – Clinical Hypnosis – APA/AMA appr
1973 - 1978 – Certification in Training; Substance Abuse; Training Trainers; Humanistic Counseling; and Reality Therapy - Masters Adolescent Counseling


Educationa- Relatedl Research Projects


Master’s Research – 1973 – “College Students & Religious Counseling on Major American Campuses”.


Doctoral Thesis – A Discriminate Function Analysis of 272  Philanthropic Personality Profiles - “Factors Among Select Donors and Non-Donors Related to Major Gifts To a Private University”, 1978  Dissertation - University of Miami, Fl. – ( First US Scientific Study on Philanthropy) Selected for presentation at Eastern Region Educational Research Conference - & American Education Association – Excerpt Published in AEA Regional Journal.


Professional Research Projects


1)      A 20 Year History of Public Education in the Virgin Islands 8 Volumes –Funded and Published by USVI Government – Department of Education -1986

2)      Gang Perceptions  - A Study of Selected Las Vegas Residents Perceptions of Gang Related Issues. Funded  and published by Federal Public Defenders Office – State of Nevada - - 1992

3)      A Personality Study of Low Income Black Female Crack Abusers With Implications for Drug Abuse Treatment - Unpublished / Presented at 2 Conferences. – 1994 – HUD Grant funds

4) A Study of 60 Public School Elementary At-Risk Children in Las Vegas,  and their Clinical Response to Cognitive Spiritual Therapy, NV. Unpublished / Presented at Conferences and Seminars – 1994 – HUD Grant funds


Writings & Creations


Training Manuals / Testing Inventories Authored

Sahara Publishing Co. – Self-Publishing


1) Introduction to REST Basics

2)      Jesus as Psychotherapist - Understanding the Methods and Techniques Utilized by the Master Healer.

3)      CST  Faith-based Counseling for Addictions

4)      CST  Faith-based Counseling for Forensics

5)      CST  Faith-based Counseling for Troubled Children

6)      CST  Faith-based Counseling for Troubled Youth

7)      CST  Faith-based Counseling for the Elderly

8)      CST  Faith-based Counseling for the Terminally Ill

9)      CST  Faith-based Counseling for the Bereaved

10)  CST  Faith-based Counseling for Emotional Troubled Populations

11)  CST  Faith-based Counseling for Pastors

12)  Faith Mentoring for Inmates and Their Families

13)  Active Listen – Listen for Healing Opportunities

14)  Psycho-pharmacology for Faith Counselors

15)   CST  Student Handbook

16)   Finding Personal Spiritual Healing -13 Lessons REST Self Improvement (Published)

17)   CST  Children’s Faith-based Counseling Manual

18)   Children’s Tri-perspective Behavior Inventory

19)  Youth Tri-perspective Behavior Inventory


Conferences/ Seminar Presentations and Speeches


1)      Nevada School Counselors Annual In-service Training – 1995 - “Bebe’s Kids” – Understanding and Counseling Drug Affected Children – Key Note Speaker

2)      Nellis Air Force Annual Prayer Officer’s Day Luncheon – Feb. 11, 1993 “Building Homes that Stand” - Strengthening the Air Force Family – Key Note Speaker

3)      Vanderbilt University School of Medical National Symposium on Drug Abuse – September 1998

“Pieces Symposium (Putting Innovative Efforts Into Communities Encountering Substance Abuses) Presentation – An Introduction to CST - “1st Century Medical Prescription for 21st Century Medical Practices”

4)      Long Beach Marriage Seminar – 1997 Utilizing  CST Counseling Techniques for Spiritual Growth and Healthy Marriages. 3-Hour Presentation

5)      Central California Ocean Retreat Marriage Seminar - 5-Hour Marriage Seminar – February 2,000, Romancing the Bonds of Marriage – “Growing Your Love – Using the ABCD Process of CST”

6)      56-Hour CST Basic Counselor Training Seminars for 212 Ministers in Five National Regions; (Nashville, TN; Dallas TX; Los Angeles, Cal., San Francisco and Washington, D.C.)  1997-2000

7)      Seminar Presentation– “CST,  A New Healing Modality of Prayer and Prozac” International Conference AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors), Dallas Tx (2000).

8)      Presentation to Pennsylvania Legislature Subcommittee on Foster Care – “CST Counseling and Spiritual Alternatives to Improving Foster Care” – 2 Hr. presentation/Q&A - October 2000.

9)      Presentation Seminar – Leadership Foundation of Philadelphia National Conference– Hyatt Hotel, Philadelphia – 2002 “Understanding the Clinical Aspects of Religion as Demonstrated in Cognitive Spiritual Therapy”

10)  Seminar Presentation –    Philadelphia 2002 - “Understanding the Clinical Aspects of Religion as Demonstrated in Cognitive Spiritual Therapy”  Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Mental Health.

11)  Seminar Presentation – National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice (NABCJ) – 3rd Annual Trinidad-Tobago Conference  - “Cognitive Spiritual Therapy (CST) and Inmate Restoration”, Port of Spain, Trinidad, November, 2003 – Sponsored by the Government Trinidad/Tobago

12)   Seminar Presentation– American Counseling Association International Conference – March 2004 –  Kansas City, Mo. “Cognitive Spiritual Therapy (CST) and Forensic/Addiction Populations”

13)  Seminar Presentation – University of Pittsburg, CST & the Rest Philly Project; A Healing Model for Hurting People and Hurting Communities.

14)  Seminar Presentation – Black American Association of Christian Counselors (BAACC) National Conference – July 23, 2004 – “Cognitive Spiritual Therapy (CST) A Healing Ministry for the 21st Century” – Detroit, Mich.

15)  Seminar Presentation – Adventist Prison Ministry Association (PMA) – National Convention – July 31,  2004, Washington, DC, “A New Prison Ministry for this New Millennium – and the REST Philly Model”.

16)  Seminar Presentation – National Community Sentencing Association (NCSA) Annual Conference on Reentry of Ex-Offenders – September 2004, “REST Philly – A Model for Pre and Post Release of Offenders and the Impact of Utilizing Family Members in Post Release Reentry Programs”- Philadelphia, Pa.

17)  Conference Presentation – October 2009  Bi-Annual International Conference on Privatization of Prisons – Barbara Jordan Graduate School of Social Justice, Texas Southern University, Houston,Texas “21st Century  Prisons Duo Mission of Security and Rehabilitation /Public or Private? ”.

18)  24 Weekend Edu-Seminars for the Faith Community (10-StateTour) “21st Role of the Church in the Healing of America” A Renewed Mission. (2008 -09)


Major Projects Completed


1)      1964 – Authored HUD Grant for Public Housing for Elderly in Four Southern States – Tenn., Ala, Kentucky and Mississippi.

2)      1969-Designed and Developed National Urban Counseling Ministry for Major Denomination

3)      1972 – raised $3 Million Development Funds – 3 Federal Grants and Radio Station for UNCF College in Alabama

4)      1973 - $1 Million - Major Capital Fund Campaign for UNCF College in Florida

5)      1984 – Member of Major Research Team – State of Florida Governor’s Cocaine Task Force – Findings published by State of Florida “Crisis in Our Land, 1986 – Co-author

6)      1985 – Consultant for NIDA (National Institute of Drug Abuse) Investigating Incidents of Crack Use and HIV infections in Rural Community, Belle Glade Florida -Associate of Dr. Benny Crimm, MD – NIDA

7)      1986- 89 $10 Million Graduate Education Program for Teachers in the Virgin Islands  - U of Miami

8)      Provided counseling, Career and Academic testing for 300 VI teachers

9)      1990 – Authored HUD grant (5 year Funding) - Designed and Established 2 Counseling Centers in Public Housing; Developed CST Counseling as an Alternative Faith Counseling Modality for Addictions, Social Disorders, Criminal Behaviors and Related Emotional Problems.

10)  1992- 1995 Produced 112 One-Hour Anti-Drug Radio Talk Shows – Las Vegas Black Public Radio - Winner of 1993 B.A.S.I.C. National Communications Award for Best Urban Radio Anti-Drug Talk Show in US

11)  1993 - Conducted testing for 200 Criminal Personality Profiles -Developing Testing Norms for 16 PF/Karson Clinical Inventory - National Norm Project in association with National Testing Organization.  

12)  2000 - Developed Project to Provide Faith Counseling and Aftercare for 1,000 Inmates Annually in Philadelphia Prison System and their Families. – REST Philly Project – 5,000 inmate applications for

15 weeks of CST – 1420 graduates

13)  2002 - Member - City of Philadelphia Consensus Group on Reentry & Reintegration of  Adjudicated Offenders. Group received $1.3 million for Ready-4-Work inmate work training program.


Articles / Journals Publications


1)      “Whatever Happened to Brother X” – Presenting the Mission and Work of Jesus as a Model for Urban America – Message Magazine, Review and Herald Pub. Co., Washington, D.C., 1974.

2)      “ No Exceptions” –A Primer - Crack Cocaine in  Urban America Message Magazine, Review and Herald Pub. Co, Washington, D.C., 1983.

3)      “Urban Ministry, the Art of Communications”, Ministry Magazine, Review and Herald Pub.Co, Washington, D.C., 1972.

4)      “Developing Philanthropic Personality Profiles Utilizing Discriminate Function Analysis: An Abstract.” America Education Association Regional Journal, 1978.

5)      “Introducing CST formerly REST (Rational Emotive Spiritual Therapy) A 2000 Year Old healing Paradigm” – Vistas: American Counseling Association Journal,  Spring  2004


Books Authored / Co-authored


1)      “No Exceptions, A Primer on Understanding Cocaine” Sarah Publishing Co, St. Thomas, USVI, 1984.

2)      “Crisis in Our Land” –  Co-author – Florida Cocaine Task Force, 1986

3)      “The Clinical Jesus, the Doctor Who Never Lost A Case”,  Sahara Publishing Co, Wilmington,   Delaware,  2003. (Reviewed by American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy)

4)      Finding Personal Spiritual Healing”, Sahara Publishing Co, Wilmington, Delaware, 2006.

5)      Emotions: A Daily Devotional – Case Studies of  Successful Clients; Sahara Pub 2007

6)      “They Are Coming Back”, Co-author, Philadelphia Consensus Group, Inmate Community Reentry in Philadelphia, 2006.


(1976-79)  United States Department of OE (Drug Education)

NIH – (Regional Research on Cocaine Abuse & AIDS Among Florida Farming Community)

(1984 - 89) Virgin Islands Government – Department of Education

(2006 -07) Government of Trinidad/Tobago – (Training Prison Mental Health Person in Inmate Restoration Counseling Utilizing Cognitive Spiritual Therapy)  

(2007)Clinton/Bush Fund for Katrina Therapeutic Services (Cognitive Spiritual Therapy for Traumatized New Orleans Clergy)


Awards and Citations – City/ State and National

Over 30 Public Service Awards including:

Keys to two Cities and Outstanding Citizen Award in Las Vegas

B.A.S.I.C. 1997 National Award for hosting

 “CRACK-DOWN”  - Voted Best Urban Anti-drug Talk Show in America

American Cities Foundation Award –“ Man Making a Difference” 2007

Anne E. Casey Foundation Research Listed as 1 of the 10 Best Reentry Models in America

Volunteer of the Year – Philadelphia Prison System

Volunteer of the Year – State of Pennsylvania Prison System – Community Corrections


Professional Associations & Memberships

APA - American Psychological Association

CAP - Christian Association of Psychologists

ACA - American Counseling Association

AAMHC – American Association of Mental Health Counselors

AACC - American Association Christian Counselors

NAADAC - National Association of Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselors

AAFC - American Academy of Forensic Counselors

NABCJ – National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice

NACBT - National Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

                  ANA – American Nutriceuticals Association

& Regional, state and subject area sub-divisions



                           About Sheila McKinney

Sheila McKinney is the Vice President for Training and Business of TRETMENT Inc. and the REST Philly Project. She is also the Co-Founder of I-REST Inc. Sheila is a graduate from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She earned the bachelor degree in Psychology from Delaware State University (Summa Cum Laude) and a Master of Science degree in Clinical Health Psychology from PCOM. She completed her therapeutic internship at the Rockford Center - a Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Hospital in Newark, Delaware.
Prior professional employment included working as an elementary school teacher in her native homeland, Guyana, SA. After moving to the U.S. she was employed by Citibank (Citigroup) for 20 years before retiring in 2005. Her last position of service was as Director of Training for their regional office.

Sheila has also completed a post-masters Nutritional Therapy Certification program, while overseeing the many duties of the REST Healing Ministries Program. She is also the REST National Campaign Director for its Healing Hurting Sistas’ Campaign and is a favorite on the church circuit on women’s issues. Click here for her resume. She is also co-founder of Promise Land 21 and serves as general vice-president. 

    Sheila is employed full time as a family and group therapist/social worker at the Rockford Psychiatric Hospital Center in Newark Del




                                           Sheila McKinney,

                             B.S. Psychology, Delaware State University

                    M.S. - Counseling and Clinical Health Psychology

                        Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine


                       Certified NTP (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner)


Professional License/Certification

Cognitive Spiritual Therapy (CST)

Crisis Intervention Certificate

Mindfulness Training Certificate

Psycho-Pharmacology Certificate

Nutritional Therapy 12-Month National Certification program (NTP)


Professional Expertise

Education, Teaching, Training, Brief Mental Health Therapies, Group Therapy, Women Issues, Addictive Behaviors, Children and Adolescent Counseling, Spiritual Therapy, and Nutritional Therapy.



      M.S. in Counseling and Clinical Health Psychology at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (2008)

                   Bachelor of Science - Delaware State University (Major-Psychology)

                                    Wilmington College        

                     Delaware Technical & Community College



Summa Cum Laude - Delaware State University

Academic Excellence Awards - Delaware State University

President’s list - Delaware State University

Dean’s list - Delaware Technical & Community College

Service Excellence Group Award - Citibank DE (1999)

Employee of the Month Awards - Citibank DE (January, March, April 1990, July 1994)

Employee of the Month Award –Rockford Psychiatric Hospital Center


Professional Experience

2010 –present          Rockford Psychiatric Hospital  - Family / Group Therapist / Case Mgt 

2008                          Rockford Psychiatric Hospital, Delaware - Intern

2007                           Co-Founder / co-owner  REST-Limu Health & Healing    Distributorship2007          


Co-Founder & Board Member – Institute of  Spiritual Therapy (I-REST)

2001 - 2007              TRETMENT Faith Counseling Service, Newark, DE

                                    Director of Personnel and Group Counselor Training (P/T)


1999-2004                   Citibank, New Castle, DE

                                     Lockbox Training Supervisor

§ Trained new hires on check imaging and processing platforms.

§ Conducted testing of new and upgraded system functionality and supervised the migration and implementation of customer accounts to new system programs.

§ Facilitated supervisory meetings to ensure teamwork.

                        Senior Service Representative (Citi-bank)

            Work-Station Specialists (Citi-bank)


2004                            The Center for Urban Theological Studies
Title: Director of Enrollment Services
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Job Duties: Performed Public Relations Duties with regards to college enrollment and funding - Recruited students for various fields of college degree - Interviewed interested applicants - Facilitated orientation for new students - Developed, scheduled and Coordinated the cross-training of 5 staff members - Executed administrative functions as necessary

1997-1999                   Elementary School Teacher (Guyana, S. America)


Relevant field work, practicum, internship and volunteer positions


1999 - 2006                 REST Group Edu-therapist - Supervised by Counseling Psychologist

2008                                                  300 Hours as Group Edu-therapist serving inmates in the Philadelphia Prison System and Local Churches. 

2009                                                             700 hour internship at Rockford Psychiatric Hospital, Delaware


Professional National/International  Services

  • Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund – Interfaith Therapy Workshop - New Orleans, LA
  • National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice – 5th Annual Training Summit and Cultural Exchange to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Prison System – 40 Faith-based Counselor training for Professional Staff and Clergy
  • Interfaith Women Clergy Retreat – Philadelphia, PA


Research Experience

Research Assistant at Delaware State University under the supervision of Amy Rogers, Ph.D.


Professional Affiliations

American Counseling Association

American Association of Counselors

Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies

American Association of Christian Counselors

International Association of REST Counselors


References upon request.


Mailing Address: P. O. Box 12805, Wilmington, De. 19850 

email-sheila7@comcast.net / 302-981-6512